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Jets Football: Tentative Plans for Season and Registration More News

Jets Families, thank you for your patience.  We have been holding off on updating everyone while our various leagues and teams considered how to proceed.

For now, our teams and leagues generally plan to move towards a potential football season - for both touch and tackle teams. Obviously, that could change.

Under the circumstances, our coaches are moving forward (or in some cases planning to move forward) with workouts for all those players who are comfortable participating.  All of our coaches are very much aware of the current guidelines for group activities, and will take care to provide a safe environment that is respectful of players and parents concerns.

As such, all of our head coaches are back from last year, and feel free to contact them directly if you need guidance regarding how your team will proceed at this time.

If you need help contacting or identifying a coach for a particular team, please send an email to, or advise any others who need such information to send an email.

Registration is currently "open" on the Jets website. Your coach can provide instruction on whether to register now or wait until a later date.  We plan to make refunds to the extent any team's games are cancelled.  As an alternative, you can opt to make any payment at a later time, rather than pay online at registration.  In that case, payment will be due before any games begin.

If we do not play games this season at any level, we will attempt to schedule events when possible to keep our teams together and build momentum for next year.

Thank you for your patience, and stay safe!

Go Jets!
Posted by Leland Horton, Created Fri Aug 14, 2020

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